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NXP Semiconductors

i.MX 8Quad Max

Art Direction & Design

NXP Semiconductors and ART SpA, have joined forces to create ultra-intuitive and completely immersive infotainment systems for luxury sports cars that are synonymous with speed, power, and exclusivity. In early October, the announcement was made that the two would join forces to create ultra-intuitive infotainment systems for luxury sport cars known for speed, power and exclusivity.

In preparation for the press release, the Automotive marketing team requested a one-off custom image featuring the completed dashboard that won NXP the collaboration with the luxury sports car, infotainment company.

NXP Media, ART SpA 


Social Media & Web Banners


The resulting image was featured on the homepage for the entire month of October along with accompanying press releases from multiple media outlets and social channels.

Asset 21.png
Asset 31.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 3.29.45 PM.png
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