MAVrik Hotel

In the Summer or 2017, Lonestar Syndicate requested assistance with the initial branding and design of a presentation deck that would be used to deliver financial metrics to potential investors for a boutique hotel concept. The deck included a history of the desired property, neighborhood, development sketches and an in depth look at the target audience. 

Logo Design & Color Palette

As part of their initial planning for the development of the hotel, Lonestar requested an early design for a logo and color pairing that could be used in their presentations to investors to help tell the story of the hotel concept. 

With the target customer being young professionals and the rebellious nature of the hotel's namesake, I choose to pull inspiration from neon signs in vibrant contrasting colors. The logo highlights the desired acronym MAV that can be applied to a number of mediums.

MAVrik Hotel

Presentation Design

A redesign of a previous deck to be presented to potential investors. Utilizing the color palette and logo to highlight key data visuals and translate the hotel concept into a unified design.