Jason's Deli

Art Direction & Design

Managed the design and delivery of marketing assets nationwide. Refreshed the brand visual identity and style guide to standout from their competitors and remind their customers of their commitment to serving satisfaction.

In-Store & Out-of-Home 

Marketing and advertising. 


40th Anniversary Brand Refresh 

In order to pay tribute to the brand's heritage I choose a new typeface that would be clean and easy to read even in small print on their extensive menu. I paired it with a secondary font that would be used to draw attention to specific messaging and bring some nostalgia of their opening in 1976. 

Utilizing their existing color palette, I stepped away from the brand's previous use of neutral tones and light backgrounds, placing more emphasis on bright, contrasting colors and darker wood backgrounds to represent savory and natural ingredients.


Jason's Express 

Menu design.

Left Breakfast Board.jpg
Left Lunch Board.jpg
Middle Lunch Board.jpg