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Family Portrait: Edwards Family

Last weekend I had the privilege of photographing this adorable family at Mckinney Falls State Park. I've known Ashley for many years now, she is also a creative and fell in love with photography when her daughter was born 2 years ago. She takes beautiful pictures that just glow! The only problem is there are plenty of her husband and daughter but she's never in them! So we did a family session with some one on one time for Ashley and Jessa as well as a set of headshots she can use for her personal marketing. We also got a couple with Julian and Jessa playing in the water.

I learned quite a few things and took over 300 photos. Some of the most important lessons: when shooting with kids bring distractions! I brought a few props that Jessa could hold and play with to help with any shyness. When she heard I had bubbles for her she perked right up and it made for a lovely effect with the sunset. Another lesson I learned, when shooting in central Texas in the middle of August, wait until about 7 p.m. to catch golden hour. Not only is the light perfect but the sunset in the background is gorgeous and it gives things a chance to cool off. It was at least 102 that afternoon and we started at 6. Check out some of my favorites below! Now booking family and private portrait sessions.

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