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Travel: Le Jardin exotique d'Eze

One of the most astonishing and breath-taking places I've had the privilege of traveling to is a little town in the middle of the French Riviera called Eze. It's a beach town between Monaco and Nice, which makes it the perfect spot if you're traveling on a budget but don't want to deal with big tourist crowds. Visiting in early May can also help with that. However, while the sun is warm and the breeze is balmy you may find frolicking in the waves a challenge since the water temperature gets about as high as 16° C (61° F). If you've been sitting in the sun and walking around all day it can be quite refreshing. Especially if you've had some liquid courage from one of the local beach bars.

Perhaps the most memorable part of Eze where it's medieval charms. Stone walls and cobbled streets decorated with blooming vines and overlooking rocky shores with brilliant, cerulean blue water. We hiked up a narrow road for 20 minutes to the top of one of the tallests cliffs where the remnants of Medieval Eze are preserved and quite active with shops and cafes. Keep climbing and you reach Le Jardin exotique d'Eze which offers panoramic views of the entire town and coastline.

I took around 500 photos wandering through the town and gardens. The gardens are a maze of colors and whimsical statues that overlook the viewpoints, each one has a name and a story. I didn't get all of them but their faces were beautiful and the way the carvings flowed like they were moving in the wind was absolutely charming. Check out some of my favorites below and if you do have the opportunity to visit this delightful little town be sure you spend some time here.

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