NXP Semiconductors

i.MX 8M Digital Marketing

Art Direction & Design

As part of the product launch for the new line of i.MX 8M applications processors. NXP's IoT marketers requested a series of images to be used online for digital marketing during CES 2020 as well as part of a rich media ad campaign. The team wanted to emphasize the machine learning and 20:20 vision features and how they could be applied in the real world.

Homepage & Social Media Campaign

To help translate the products highly technical features and support the content for each use, I chose to show a series of environments viewed through the camera's sensor. Combining futuristic overlays with stylized photography, allowing a unique perspective into the capabilities of deep machine learning.

Digital Advertising


Additionally, I was requested to create a series of digital ads for a rich media campaign on third party websites. Due to the size restrictions and specific content for each piece, I took a bold direction that would help capture the user's attention. Utilizing vibrant photography taken at eye-level paired with the brands' latest color palette refresh.

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